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Diving in the protected marine area of Plemmirio

The Syracusan coast and the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area have always been a paradise for scuba divers and those who love the sea.The Syracusan coast, an ancient gateway to the Hellenic east, hosts amphora hills, anchors and various finds of all the eras, up to those of the last world war. Here live several characteristic species such as tuna, snapper, amberjack, rays, dolphins, sharks and sperm whales. The diver encounters a varied fauna that includes: schools of barracudas, corvine, groupers, even the now very rare brown grouper, white bream, sea bream and a very rich varied fauna. In the tidal plain there are interesting trottoir a vermeti, Mediterranean biostructures similar to small coral reefs.

Excursions with naturalistic guide to the Cavagrande del Cassibile reserve

A canyon in the Iblei mountains, which extends for 2,700 hectares, Cavagrande was established as a reserve to protect its natural wealth and historical heritage as evidence of the ancient civilizations that inhabited it, first of all the Sicani-
Descending along the path at the bottom of the valley, it is possible to admire the system of waterfalls and lakes of the Cassibile river, formed thanks to the constant work of water erosion. The cool waters of Cavagrande are a great attraction for those who venture into the route in the summer season.

Guided excursions to the largest volcano in Europe

An excursion on Etna is one of the most incredible nature experiences in all of Sicily. The highest active volcano in Europe stands with its 3300 meters above the Sicilian landscape. A peak that accompanies the journey of those who venture into the eastern part of the island, between the sea and the Sicilian hinterland.
The Valle del Bove is another of the appointments not to be missed in your excursion to Etna. It is a deep valley, surrounded by walls that reach up to 1000 meters, and extended up to seven kilometers.

Excursions with naturalistic guide to the Vendicari oasis

Unmissable stop for nature lovers and birdwatchers, Vendicari is a protected natural area for its characteristic flora and fauna. Well known to the public for being an important resting place for migratory birds, there are huts for observation on the marshes of herons, egrets, small waders, cormorants, and much more, but undoubtedly the greatest interest to the general public is given by flamingos.
Lovers of archeology will find within the reserve various testimonies of past eras: quarries of the Hellenistic period, a stretch of the ancient Via Elorina, which connected the city of Syracuse to the colony of Eloro, catacombs from the Byzantine era, the famous Torre Sveva of medieval times, and the eighteenth-century tonnara.

Excursions with naturalistic guide to the Pantalica reserve

Awarded the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005, Pantalica boasts peculiarities of a naturalistic, historical, archaeological and speleological nature.
Pantalica is a plateau surrounded by numerous canyons, formed by two rivers, the Anapo and the Calcinara, called the Anapo Valley in the complex.
The visit to Pantalica perfectly combines naturalistic and historical aspects: in addition to the abundant vegetation, looking around it will be easy to notice the numerous necropolises excavated on the rocky walls of the canyon, as well as various other evidence of human settlements from past eras in the area.

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